The Advantages and Disadvantages of Aluminum Fencing

Adding a new aluminum fence to your property is a great way to enhance your landscaping. Aluminum fences are easy to install, durable, and are relatively low maintenance. They can be made to fit almost any property. However, it is important to consider all the factors before making a decision.

Aluminum fences are available in many different styles. You can choose a smooth top rail, an exposed spear top, or even a pressed spear top. Aluminum fences come in many different colors, such as bronze and white. They can also be made to be custom to your taste. You can also choose from several different heights.

The main advantage of aluminum is that it is lightweight. This means that you can install your fence in just a few hours, making it an ideal choice for do-it-yourselfers. However, it is important to remember that aluminum is not as strong as steel, which means that the fence may bend a bit under heavy use. Also, aluminum is not as environmentally friendly as steel or wood. It is also more expensive than wrought iron.

Aluminum fencing is a great choice for homes that need to be protected from intruders. Its lightweight structure allows it to be installed on sloped areas. Moreover, aluminum fencing is rust resistant, which means that it can last a long time. Aluminum can also be installed around a pool. This can help prevent children or pets from accidentally drowning. It can also act as a warning to intruders. You can add spikes to the top of the fence to help keep it secure.

Aluminum fences are also great for modular wall fencing. You can add or remove sections of the fence as needed. You can also make it taller if you need to. This will allow you to adjust the height of the fence to accommodate dips, pits, and sloping land.

Aluminum fences are also more resistant to rust than steel. This means that it can hold up through the winter months. However, it is important to remember that it may be affected by flying debris after it has cleared the weather. In addition, aluminum fencing is not as durable as steel or wood. It is not as rust resistant as wrought iron, meaning that it may be damaged more easily.

A traditional metal fence has parallel pickets and posts. However, these days, most aluminum fences feature two or four horizontal rails. The horizontal rails are mostly a stylistic feature, but they also add support to the pickets. They are also the most visible part of the fence.

You can also choose to add scrolls to your fence. While scrolls are not found on every picket, they can be a nice addition to the fence. If you choose a three rail fence, you may choose to install scrolls at different heights. They can be placed on the left and right side of the fence. This will help fill in the spaces left and right of the fence. For more details on aluminum fence visit

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